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Harjot Dehal

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Undergrad Studies

B.S. in Computer Science @ Rutgers (2021-2024)

Relevant Coursework:
Algorithms, Data Structures, Software Methodology, Computer Arch, Data Science, Systems Programming

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Graduate School

M.S. in Computer Science @ NJIT (2024-2025)

Specializing in the field of Software Engineering or Cyber Security

Watsup, I’m currently a graduate student in Computer Science at NJIT. I’m always working on something, whether it’s projects, school work, or lifting at the gym. I finished my bachelor’s degree three semesters early, so I’m at an interesting crossroads—figuring out what’s next. I’m into both software engineering and cybersecurity, so we’ll see where the future takes me. Explore some of my projects below, I created the KSP Transport application for my friends trucking business and Diploma Diaries as a cool startup idea that I'll revisit in the future.

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Project 1

Google Translator

A Google Translator clone developed with JavaScript, Python and Google Cloud Translation API, enabling accurate and real-time language translation
Project 1

Diploma Diaries

Self created brand where a physical keepsake attaches to a diploma frame and links to a personalized profile via QR code. Graduates can set up and manage their profiles through our custom-built application

Project 1

Truck Management Software

A MERN Stack application that allows for logging of expenses and loads in addition to incorporating data analysis metrics and visualizations

Demo Credentials:

Username=harjot password=password

Project 1

Youtube Clone

A fully functional YouTube clone built using React and Firebase, featuring video uploads, user authentication, and real-time database integration for seamless video streaming and interaction
Project 3

Photo Albums

A JavaFX and FXML-based photo application created using object oriented programming. It integrates features such as data tracking, photo tagging, and album management using Java's file system API and data structures

Project 3

Community Service Posts

A community service event organizer app with a React frontend and MongoDB backend, offering user authentication, real-time updates, and event posts

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Python, JavaScript, Java, C, Flask, React, React,Next

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Databases & Deployment

MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Node, AWS, Render

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Version Control & Collaboration

Git, GitHub, Bitbucket

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Power BI, Pandas, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow

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English, Hindi, Punjabi


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Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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Comptia Network +

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Always learning for more

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